About Frankshields

Frank Shields Medical Equipment LLC started in Jan 2006 as a Medical Equipment Project Solutions company based in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE.

The company was formed based on the need and necessity of a projects solution company that can support Multinational companies in Hi-tech imaging equipment business with a total project solution in implementing these kind of complex projects.

The Area of Expertise in which Frank Shields Focuses are:

  • MRI Shielding.
  • Radiation Shielding.
  • Quality Assurance.
  • Radiation Monitoring.
  • Turnkey solutions.
  • Special Patient Comfort Products like MRI Picture Panels.

Our Mission

Facilitate competent, faster, reliable and safer installations of Hi-Tech Equipment's, that meets the highest standards of our customer to build a strong relation and sustain them forever.

Our Vision

To be the first choice of Multinational companies into Hi-tech imaging equipment's for the installation and project management in the Middle East by bringing together innovative ideas, continuous process improvement and people who make things happen.

Our Values


Hire experience people in Medical Equipment installations and projects. Communicate: Clearly and work for the same goal .


Interact with the customers and contractors to reduce the lead-time in installation and completion of the project.

Innovative Thinking

To make processes simpler and safer.


Follow the highest safety standards required to safeguard the people, capital equipment, and surroundings safe.


To be the leader in Middle East as a Medical Projects Solution provider in imaging.

Our Customers

Listen and understand the needs of our valued customers, provide value-added solutions to sustain them for future.

Strategic Alliance

Select and work with partners, who are leaders in the industry.

Employee Development

Invest in technical training and continues education/or employees to solidify the position/or future. Build an environment for the employees to work and improve.


Innovate new methods of installations, which meets our mission statement.


Our goal is to create a healthy business relation with the key vendors for Hi-tech medical Equipment in the Middle East market. We look at our customers to provide project solutions and value added services using our two core business units. Furthermore, our objective is to achieve synergies between our business segments.

Our Department

    Frank shields provide professional medical imaging equipment installation with our highly trained and experienced medical imaging equipment engineers. Every installation project is different, each with its own set of obstacles, its own challenges..

  • Mechanical Installation.
  • Turnkey Projects.
  • Radiation Shielding/Lead Shielding.
  • Quality Assurance Phantom.
  • Quality Assurance Dosimeter.
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