Magnetic Resonance Imaging Phantom

Products used in Magnetic Resonance Imaging:
MagIQ and MagIQ Duo: An image quality phantom for magnetic resonance imaging comprising a single chamber (MagIQ) or two identical chambers (MagIQ Duo) which may be filled with different solutions to create two test objects (e.g. high field and low field). A total of 5 (MagIQ) or 10 (MagIQ Duo) separate signal compartments can be used.
MagIQ includes the following features.

  • white pigment-filled centre markings
  • integral bubble level
  • external LCD temperature strip
  • Geometric Distortion
  • An array of 25.0mm uniformly pitched, high contrast circles Spatial Resolution.
  • LP/mm (1.0 LP/mm) - MTF edge block.
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T1 and T2 gels: A set of 18 gel-filled tubes with calibrated T1 and T2 values, sized to insert into the contrast sections of MagIQ Solo and MagIQ Duo phantoms.

MRI phantom filling solutions: 3.5L of 1.5T MRI phantom filling solution. 3.5L of 3.0T MRI phantom filling solution. Supplied in 5L Jerri cans.

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