MRI Room Aesthetics

MRI Suite Designed for Patient Comfort and Efficient Energy Consumption. Aesthetically done MRI rooms offer patient comfort during imaging procedures. This is achieved with ambient gentle illumination along with the calming effects of beautiful graphic image light box. Downlights are commonly used in MRI/imaging suites to provide smooth, low-glare illumination for patient comfort.

Considering that patients may be apprehensive of the MRI scanner itself, various approaches to incorporating medical equipment into room design can be employed to reduce patient's anxiety. A room that provides "positive distractions" will help take a patients mind off immediate medical concerns. Reduced patient stress leads to improved workflow and greater operational efficiency.

Our Department

    Frank shields provide professional medical imaging equipment installation with our highly trained and experienced medical imaging equipment engineers. Every installation project is different, each with its own set of obstacles, its own challenges..

  • Mechanical Installation.
  • Turnkey Projects.
  • Radiation Shielding/Lead Shielding.
  • Quality Assurance Phantom.
  • Quality Assurance Dosimeter.
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