RF Testing

Compliance testing is preventive maintenance that should be considered at least every two years. When was your last RF test certification?
Re-certification of the enclosure and repair of any RF leaks are vital to ensuring your shield is working at its optimal level. When your RF shield is working properly, you can provide artifact-free images for quality patient care.
Diagnostic testing is used to detect problems within new and existing RF enclosures. Natural aging of a building can cause water leaks and structural movement can affect your shielding performance. In addition, ancillary items that are added to the enclosure, such as injectors, CCTVs, sound systems, or thermostats can effect image quality.
The Anritsu MS2711-5 hand held spectrum analyzer is designed for field environments and applications requiring mobility, the MS2711 features easy-to-use, accurate performance in a light weight (4 .0 Ibs, 1 .8 kg), battery operated unit covering the 100 kHz to 3000 MHz frequency range. Ideal for field/mobility use, the Anritsu MS2711 satisfies spectrum analysis needs in cellular, DCS/PCS, paging/messaging, WLAN/WPBX, and many other communications system applications - anywhere, anytime.
Utilizing an advanced synthesizer-based design, the MS2711 delivers accurate, reliable, and repeatable measurements - anywhere, every time. A broad range of functions, coupled with resolution bandwidths ranging from 10 kHz to 1 MHz, simplifies identification of interfering signals in modern wireless systems. Rugged packaging keeps the Anritsu MS2711 operating in harsh environments and allows it to withstand rough handling.

Option 5: RF Watt Power Monitor
Option 20: Trackng Generator, 50 Ohm

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  • Lightweight (4.0 lbs)
  • Synthesized-based performance
  • Full range of marker capabilities including peak, center, and delta functions
  • Limit lines for quick, simple pass/fail measurements
  • Rugged, reliable packaging
    • Battery operated design
    • 2.5 hours of continuous operation
    • Built-in energy conservation that extends battery life beyond an eight-hour workday
    • Operation using a 12 .5 Vdc source AC-DC adapter or automotive cigarette lighter adapter, which simultaneously charges the battery
    • Field replaceable battery
  • Data storage and memory
    • Store up to ten test setups and 200 measurement traces in non-volatile memory
    • Stored data is easily and quickly downloaded to a personal computer (PC) or printer
  • Powerful trace management
    • Automatically date/time stamped
    • Alphanumeric labeling
  • PC reporting software
    • Windows 95/98, NT Workstation compatible
    • Supports long file names for descriptive labeling|
    • Can display an unlimited number of traces for comparison to historical performance
  • Large, high resolution VGA display (640x480)
  • Tracking generator optional (please consult your sales representative for availablity)
  • Power monitor option
  • Direct printer control via RS232 serial port


Convenient operating procedures, high sensitivity, and excellent repeatability enable the MS2711 to pinpoint the smallest system performance degradation and allow for easy verification of system compliance.

Typical Applications Include

  • Transmitter Spectrum Analysis - occupied bandwidth, power, modulation, and antenna gain/isolation measurements
  • Receive Signal Analysis - location and identification of receive inband interference and out-of-band spurious signals
  • Modulation identification, modulation depth, deviation, and spectral mask
  • Signal Strength Mapping - to determine the most suitable location for antennas, base stations, and repeaters
  • Stimulus-response measurements - for component test

Anritsu MS2711 Specifications:


Frequency range

100 kHz to 3 .0 GHz

Frequency reference

Aging : ±1 ppm/yr
Accuracy : ±2 ppm

Frequency span

100 kHz to 3 GHz plus zero span

Sweep time

0 .5 sec.

Resolution bandwidth (-3dB width

10 kHz, 30 kHz, 100 kHz, 1 MHz, +20


Measurement range

-90 dBm to +20 dBm

Dynamic range

r60 dB

Maximum sate input level

+20 dBm max. measurable safe input +50 Vdc

Displayed average noise level

≤-90 dBm

Display range

2 to 15 dB/div. In 1 dB steps Ten divisions displayed

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